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Advanced Battery Concepts License With Exide

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-01-06 08:28:52
Advanced Battery Concepts, headquartered in Clare, Michigan-based battery technology company, announces that it has agreed to license its Greenseal Technologies Exide, a battery-based and life-insurance company based in India.

Advanced Battery Concepts Say Greenseal Technology Simplifies Lead Battery Manufacturing and Increases Cycle Life, Improves Lead Battery Performance Reduces Weight, Reduces Charging Time, Improves Reliability, and Recycles Recycled. This improvement is achieved through innovative patented design of active materials that reduce the average lead content by 46% and work more efficiently, the company explains.

Exide is a manufacturer of lead batteries for use in multiple market segments, including automotive, power and telecommunications. The Exide industry has a market dominance in the developing Indian market. With annual sales of more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, Exide Industrial manufactures a range of battery-powered battery manufacturing facilities possible.

G Chatterjee, CEO and Managing Director of Exxel Industries Ltd., said, "Advanced Battery Concepts Greenseal technology is designed to enhance battery performance and reliability in India at higher temperature environments while providing simpler applications with enhanced equipment The significant potential for reliability benefits provides our customers with the performance and cost of ownership, plus Greenseal technology provides the benefit of improving our manufacturing systems. "

Exide is the fourth party to advanced Greenseal technology. Other licensees are Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Milwaukee, the world's largest maker of lead-acid batteries, and lead deep-cycle battery manufacturers Troy Battery, Santa Fe Springs, California.

The advanced battery concept says it is currently in licensing discussions with several other global lead battery manufacturers and is expected to announce further in 2018.

Ed Shaffer, Founder and CEO of Advanced Battery Concepts, said: "The Exxon industry is a highly regarded and large international company and we are very pleased and proud to have chosen Greenseal Technology for advanced battery concepts. India's market dominance, the market is expected to exceed 20 billion sales of 2022, we firmly believe that Greenseal technology will be a major contributor Exide industry continued success and market dominance. Exide industry to become our fourth party, from the lead-acid battery industry Showcasing our technology ready for mass adoption.This is a very exciting time, with advanced battery concepts that increasingly accept our products and manufacturing techniques and improve performance over traditional lead batteries.

Advanced Battery Concepts LLC is a global battery technology development company and said it is the first battery to successfully design bipolar lead batteries with commercially viable manufacturing processes. Advanced battery concepts are working with existing lead acid battery manufacturers and work with licensees to realize the commercial potential of their technology as well as ongoing battery production and further research at the Michigan Battery Research and Engineering Development Center To continue expanding its technology portfolio.
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