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AGL Installs Solar Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 09:56:06
AGLENERGY giant AGL will install solar power batteries on 1000 homes across Adelaide, building a ‘virtual power plant’ to provide back-up electricity to householders and the state’s energy grid during times of high energy demand.

In what is expected to be the largest project of its kind in the world, the batteries will store excess solar power that would otherwise be fed into the grid and will be able to be drawn upon by the customer, reducing their power costs and demand on the grid. Mostly, our portable solar power generator is also use these batteries.

AGL will also have the ability to direct power from the battery to the customer’s home or into the grid during critical events such as peak demand resulting from severe weather. 

Any solar energy exported to the grid will occur at the agreed retail feed in tariff.

The system will generate a peak capacity of 5MW, or, according to AGL figures, the equivalent of the average annual power consumption of one home.

The first of the 7.7kW batteries, to be subsidised through AGL and the federal Australian Renewable Energy Agency, are expected to be installed later this year at a cost of $3500 to existing AGL solar customers. 

AGL anticipates a payback of approximately seven years to customers who purchase lifepo4 batteries as part of the project.
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