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A Solar Powered Boat Undergoing Trials In Alappuzha

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 21:55:27
A Solar Powered Boat Undergoing Trials In AlappuzhaA 75-seat solar ferry, called "Aditya", operated by the Kerala Water Authority, has successfully tested the water. The ship, 20 meters long and 7 meters wide, was built by NavAlt, a joint venture with a French company in Kerala, and was shipped from Aroor's production site to the stagnant water a few days ago. It is said that this is the country's first such ship, will be handed over to the next month.

The ship, made of fiberglass, will run at a maximum cruising speed of 7.5 nautical miles, a naval architect and NavAlt captain Sandith Thandasherry told Hinduism. The ship's return to Aroor was carried out under the supervision of the French team. Perform the optimization test and the builder test at full load. He said that technical tests that met the standards set by the Indian Bureau of Shipping (IRS) were completed on November 16 with full load.

The solar powered portable generator ferry sailed as expected at a maximum speed of 7.4 knots at 90% propulsion and required 15 kW of power in order to achieve a cruising speed of 5.5 knots. The ship was also tested for various safety requirements for the IRS category, including The cruise speed of the vessel, while turning off a group of propulsion.

"With the recent completion of hull and superstructure work, imported lithium-ion battery packs and motorized consoles are mounted on ships, and noise-free and pollution-free operation will significantly change the conventional ferry using diesel fuel as a fuel," he said. Solar ferry plans to run on the Thavanakkadavu-Vaikkom route, extending about 2.5 km. Solar ferry from the glass fiber, the cost of about 185 million rupees. While more expensive than conventional steel boats, the operating costs of solar ferrying will be low, in addition to providing the main advantages of pollution-free and noise-free operation. The ship will be eligible for funding from the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department.

The boat can run continuously for 6 hours. It can operate on longer routes, such as Alappuzha Ernakulam, Mr. Sandis said. With the improvement of the battery pack and the motor, the boat can be used to operate more hours on longer routes. The company has produced a 20-seat solar boat for a tour operator in Punjab.
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