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A Rolled solar Charging Treasure

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 15:08:08

And in the past to bring together the wallet, cell phone, keys are different, and now have to take a charge treasure, after all, if you go out one day really can not guarantee the smart phone to go home when you have electricity. But the charging treasure we certainly want to choose the larger the capacity of the better, can be large, while the size of the body can not be avoided, but also large and heavy, but also potentially dangerous. At this time if there is a light and thin but also at any time to be filled with electricity do not have to worry about not enough electricity to use the charging treasure it? Or you can look at a HeLi-On can be rolled up the solar charging treasure as a small solar generator.

super thin solar power generator

HeLi-On is simply a solar charging treasure, and the solar panel for charging treasure it is not the first, but HeLi-On clever is clever in it using the flexible and bending of solar panels can stretch or retract, not only compact size and is easy to carry. Although HeLi-On itself is only a built-in power supply capacity of 2600mAh, but it has solar panels, after the 2600mAh, you can choose to use the power to charge HeLi-On, can also be pulled out of its solar panel using solar energy to charge, so it‘s a portable solar power generator. So for those long in the outside, as long as the sun will be able to have electricity to your electronic products

portable solar power generator with the flexible and bending of solar panels

105g mini solar power generator

HeLi-On basically compatible with all brands on the market now, like a solar powered portable generator, and not only the phone, tablet PC can be charged, cameras, video games or radio can also be used to charge HeLi-On. And HeLi-On small size, probably 105g so heavy. The use of HeLi-On foil infinityPV solar, solar panel thickness of only 2 microns, and the actual use of solar panels in the package to protect the foil thickness less than 1 mm.

mini solar power generator

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