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A New Way of Power Battery Recycling into the Fixed Energy Storage Market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-07 14:24:07

The future of electric car market will grow rapidly, this is no doubt. But for now, people have not yet on the second-hand electric vehicle battery "secondary use" to reach a consensus. The secondary use battery include LiFePo4 battery pack.


By 2025, we expect the market for second-hand electric vehicle batteries to reach 29GWh, far more than the size of today's fixed energy storage market, and 10GW will have the opportunity to enter the energy storage system once again rejuvenated. By 2018, the cost of retrofitting the "secondary" portion of the battery is approximately $ 49 / kWh. We estimate that this year can be "secondary use" of the battery source is very limited, but this figure will be significantly improved after 2020. Specifically, the secondary battery is suitable for "secondary use" mainly depends on: the remaining energy in the battery level, the car company is willing to continue to provide warranty for these batteries, as well as the price of these batteries.


secondary life batteries

At this stage, the "secondary use" cost of used electric vehicle batteries can range from $ 100 / kWh to more, including transportation, inspection, recycling and re-packaging, but with economies of scale and technology, this figure is expected to be in 2018 Half years ago.


In the 1920s, the cost per kilowatt-hour of used electric vehicle batteries will be lower than the new battery, which will significantly reduce the average cost of fixed energy storage projects. However, since the cost of new batteries is also declining rapidly, it remains unclear whether the cost of second-hand batteries will be lower than new batteries by the mid-1920s.


The following is our statistics to several sets of data:


We forecast that by 2025, the electric car market will produce 29GWh of used car batteries, of which 10GWh will enter the fixed energy storage market. The energy storage most comes from solar energy, it good for portable solar power generator.


2016 to 2025, the second-hand electric vehicle battery capacity will reach 95GWh, about the current global fixed storage capacity of 60 times.


By 2018, a 24kWh second-hand electric vehicle battery "secondary use" cost about 980 US dollars, equivalent to the level of $ 49 / kWh. In addition, in order to transform these used batteries into fixed energy storage systems, an additional cost of $ 400 / kWh will be incurred.

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