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70% of poor counties can carry out poverty alleviation PV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-24 17:38:22
We can obtain 5 degree free electricity per day, save 3 degree electricity and put it on grid, not only earn more than one yuan, but also save the money for coal, coal mara rise etc. since last year, Guizhou province NO102 roof-mounted solar panels, the villagers Xu have became the beneficiaries for PV. Now, China intended to promote pro-poor policies of the solar off grid system to cover more areas.solar off grid system

In April 6th, reporter from the National Development and Reform Commission understands that the United State Council Poverty Alleviation Office and other departments issued "on the implementation of solar power generation poverty reduction Opinions" that that the implementation of poverty alleviation projects will taken in the poor areas of PV in the country with the construction of photovoltaic conditions. Before 2020, focusing on the pre-pilot, superior lighting conditions 16 province 471 county and about 35 thousand filing cards by the whole village to promote. Filing legislation to protect two million cards, unable to work people to increase the income of 3000 yuan per household and per year.

solar power systems

  Xu’s cases have proved the effective of PV poverty. Before 2000, the village where she mostly coal-fired, after 2000, although the grid have been installed, but it’s too expensive for people to use. In the end of 2014, Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Meteorology and Climate Center Liupanshui City Meteorological Bureau After evaluating solar energy resources , and found that this area is suitable for carrying out distributed on and off grid solar power system.Power solar generation project started in 2015, the village income increased significantly, and stopped to burning coal, the village became more clean.
   Solar electric generator is clean and good for environment, reliable technology, stable income, consistent with poor accuracy, precision poverty reduction strategies, and consistent with national low-carbon clean energy development strategy.
  According to the China Meteorological Administration, Wind and Solar Energy Resource Center senior engineer Shen introduced, after the assessment of 98 radiation stations, 2,400 weather stations and meteorological observation data, found that 75 percent of the poverty-stricken counties can carry out photovoltaic poverty, 54% poor counties can take advantages of PV, to generate 1500Kwh/ square meters, Equivalent full load utilization hours are over 1100 hours, suitable for carrying out large-scale centralized PV power; 21% of poor counties have certain conditions for the development of solar energy resources, distributed PV could be undertaken.
   Based on the photovoltaic resource assessment, we will further identify the poverty reduction target, to find out the specific circumstances of the poor people, and establish photovoltaic poor population information management system, at last to determine the final PV poverty alleviation model. The introduction of the comments pointed out that the lack of land resources in the eastern part of the region can be village-based photovoltaic power plants, central west and rich land resource of the region, to construct an appropriate scale centralized PV power plant.         
   The weather experts suggested that poverty-stricken counties in poor condition of solar energy resources, the subsidy can be taken to encourage the development of community residential solar thermal, encourage enterprises, residents of the joint development of agricultural facilities. Meanwhile, the meteorological dept will analysis through the requirement for solar energy resources in poor counties, to provide scientific support for the solar backup generator plant siting, design, construction and other operating.  

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