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70 MW Solar Electric Field For Gigafactory Battery Factory

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-12 16:01:37
Tesla battery factory Gigafactory, the so-called after the completion of the world's largest lithium battery and lifepo4 battery pack factory, held on July 30 this year, the opening ceremony.

Gigafactory is located in the eastern suburbs of Reno, Nevada, USA, which covers an area of about 540,000 square meters and costs 5 billion US dollars. Tesla official said that in the next three to four years, the factory will employ more than 10,000 workers, the goal is to produce 35 GWh of electricity in 2018.
 70 MV Solar Electric Field For Gigafactory Battery Factory
Recently, the media pointed out that Tesla is planning to use a 70 megawatts of portable solar power generator electric field for the Gigafactory battery factory power supply. It is understood that Tesla plans to install 70 megawatts of solar energy on the roof of the battery array, the scale will be the world's second largest solar roofs 7 times. The goal is to make the Gigafactory not consume any fossil fuel, the use of solar energy can get the required power.

Tesla also said, Gigafactory battery factory will be more efficient use of all-electric facilities, and achieve zero carbon emissions. In addition, the closed-loop water system will recycle 400,000 gallons of water, reducing the amount of fresh water by 80 percent. Gigafactory also has a battery on-site reprocessing plant that reclaims the current Tesla cell.
 70 MV Solar Electric Field For Gigafactory Battery Factory
It is understood that Tesla hope Gigafactory in the future to produce 35 gigawatts per year and 50 gigawatts of battery pack for 500,000 Model 3 use. By then, the world's total battery production is expected to double.
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