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7 Tips Maintenance Storage LifePo4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 11:00:09
Many people think the storage 48v 100ah lifepo4 are a very simple thing, usually don't pay attention for maintenance, in fact,everyday use the car, the lifePo4 battery is the car has been an indispensable direct impact on working conditions on board electrical systems ,that electronic control device performance, and even unable to start the vehicle, anchored phenomenon.

Our car lifePo4 batteries are commonly used, there are two, the traditional lifePo4 batteries and maintenance-free batteries in the domestic popularity in recent years, just use, maintenance-free batteries with no need to add any liquid on the wiring trailer coupling, wire and body less corrosion resistance is too strong chargeability, starting current, battery storage for a long time, use a long mission, more and more consumers of all ages, at present most of the cars are maintenance-free batteries.
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To extend battery life, avoid anchoring fault occurs, our battery maintenance should note the following points:

1. Maintenance-free batteries should always check the electric eye color. Green is fully charged; black as the power is low, the need for supplementary charge; gray or pale yellow liquid electrolyte is insufficient, due to maintenance-free batteries can not add fluid, the battery should be replaced immediately.

2. The battery should be securely placed in the car, in case driving due to vibration leaving the battery wires off, resulting in power outages by solar powered portable generator.

3. Keep the surface of battery clean. If you find solid oxide column appears, should clean it with hot punch, to be clear, will not affect the continuity between the pole and the terminal. After the clean up, wipe clean the surface of the battery, butter and terminal on the pole, to ensure that the pole is not oxidized.

4. At least once a month to check the height of the electrolyte. Unmarked line of battery, the electrolyte is added to the plate 10 ~ 15mm higher than you can; there are two red lines of the battery, the electrolyte can not exceed the upper red line, otherwise electrolyte may spill is formed between the positive and negative self-discharge, causing the engine easy to start and shorten lifePo4 battery life.

5. Different for regional and seasonal adjustment of the concentration of the electrolyte. The concentration of electrolyte concentration of our Northeast winter to 1.28 g / cc.
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6. A long time without cars every month or so cars should be mobilized, medium speed run for 20 minutes, otherwise put too much time, and so on with the car the car will not start.

7. The total length of time of each launch vehicle is not more than 5 seconds, start again time interval less than 15 seconds. In the case of many of the car should still start the other circuits, ignition coils or oil, etc. to find a cause, troubleshooting, and then start the engine, can cause the battery over-discharge, affecting life.

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