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5 Tips for Choosing Best UPS LifePo4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 11:49:59
Determine the required UPS capacity: Calculate the sum of all load S = S1 + S2 + ...... + Sn Unit: VA. Select UPS capacity ≥S ÷ 0.8 (consider the impact resistance and the need for expansion of the UPS).

UPS to determine the required type: according to the load on the output stability, switching time, the output waveform is determined by selecting on-line, line-interactive, backup lifePo4 battery pack. Output line UPS stability, transient response capability than the other two strong ability to adapt to non-linear loads is also strong. Some of the more sophisticated equipment and more important requirements for the use of equipment-line UPS. If you are using a generator with a short delay UPS, recommended on-line UPS, because the generator voltage and frequency ordinary poor stability, with back-line interactive and it may not work properly. Some brands of UPS (on-line) don't match with the generator, it will switch to bypass power, to understand clearly the time of purchase. 
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Determine the required lifePo4 batteries backup time: According to the power-down, the equipment required working hours. Time-lapse type battery costs may exceed UPS host itself. Due to the high value of the lifePo4 batteries, there are more counterfeit goods, to select high degree of credibility of suppliers, which UPS system reliability is critical.

Additional features: To improve the reliability of the system by lifePo4 batteries, we recommend using a redundant UPS system, can be considered in series or in parallel heat hot backup redundant. Small capacity UPS (1 ~ 2KVA) can also use redundant switches. You can use remote monitoring panel, realized at the distal end monitoring and control of the UPS work. You can use monitoring software, intelligent management computer and the UPS between. You can choose a network adapter to achieve the UPS network management (based on SNMP). In some rainy thunder area, it can be used with SPD. 

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