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48V LifePo4 Deep Cycle Battery Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:16:52
One of the key system 48V lifePo4 battery technology used for solar powered portable generator, lifePo4 battery compared to lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery has a high energy density and excellent charge and discharge performance. Lithium-ion battery cell voltage up to 3.7V, voltage requirements in order to achieve the electric car use, we need to single battery series and parallel composition of the battery pack to meet the needs of electric vehicles when high energy high power conditions. Under normal circumstances, the car battery will power the solar powered protable generator as a single cell, in cars with start and stop the process, the entire battery pack frequent charging and discharging process. The battery pack is a monomer composition, in the factory and can not guarantee the consistency of the battery cells, if the battery pack in the battery after a plurality of charge / discharge cycles, state of charge and other battery is not periodically balanced eventually into a deep discharge state, which leads to damage and ultimately the formation of battery failure, so we need a battery detection system (BMS: battery Management system) to monitor the overall situation of the measurement of the battery pack and a single battery, including voltage, current, state of charge, as well as replacement of the cells in order to prolong battery life and life.
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PV module array utilizing photovoltaic effect solar powered protable generator with panels convert light energy into electrical energy by photovoltaic controller to charge lithium iron, and then the electrical equipment powered by direct or by the inverter and the power grid inverter the introduction of the grid. BMS battery management system plays the role of managing the storage battery, the first battery pack for data collection, and according to the data collected on the state of the battery diagnosis, and thus play a role in monitoring the battery pack.

Lithium batteries in the portable solar power generator from the two roles, one for energy storage and regulation, and the other is to balance the load, the power output of photovoltaic portable solar power generator will be converted to chemical energy stored, ready for use when the power shortage. Solar powered protable generator by the DC bus link, lifePo4 battery battery pack, battery management system BMS, local control centers, remote control centers and other aspects of the composition, solar DC bus link will bring together current and fed stored in batteries, and batteries the battery management system is connected, and contact information through short-range communication with the local monitoring center, and the local monitoring center through a public communication network connected to the remote monitoring center, in order to achieve the purpose of effective monitoring of the storage segment.

The rapid development of solar powered protable generator of the energy storage system put forward higher requirements. Lead-acid batteries due to its not high temperature, overcharge and over discharge intolerance, maintenance workload and short life defects, hindering the further development of photovoltaic portable solar power generator. The high energy efficiency of lifePo4 battery, long life and good charge-discharge performance and other characteristics to determine their well-suited for use as a new energy storage power.

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