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2MW Foof Solar Energy System In Taiwan

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-22 16:22:41

In response to energy-saving carbon reduction and non-nuclear home vision, Taiwan will Xiang electric vehicle and solar energy system integration manufacturers Yong Xin energy, cloud computing jointly developed energy companies in Yilan completed the scale of 2MW roof solar energy system. The system uses the United States First Solar thin-film solar panels, is First Solar in the same type of field in Asia, the largest one.

Will Xiang electric vehicles to electric vehicles and lithium iron phosphate products R & D and manufacturing as the main business, and as pollution-free environmental protection for enterprise development concept. In order to further respond to the Paris agreement and the Taiwan government to promote renewable energy goals, Xiang Xiang decided to provide their own factory in Yilan 7,000 pings roof for the laying of 2MW of portable solar power generator solar panels, estimated annual power generation 211 million degrees.
2MW Foof Solar Energy System In Taiwan
The system solution provider, Yongxin, selected the thin-film solar module manufactured by First Solar, the world's first MW thin-film solar system, and is the largest in Asia. Compared with the traditional silicon solar panels, thin-film solar panels in low light and high temperature environment, power generation is more stable, it is very suitable for easy to rain in Ilan area.

This project is funded by the cloud leopard energy technology, will also be responsible for operations. Cloud leopard science and technology by the financial sector moved to the new energy industry, founded by Zhang Jianwei, Chairman of the Board, has many years of operating experience in the field of solar power batteries solar field in Japan, due to optimistic about the development of the Taiwan market and return to Taiwan business, and yieldco company Xu, focusing on the development and Funds management.

"The success of this project will benefit the rooftop suppliers, developers and operators in close cooperation," said Tan Yuxuan, CEO of Yunbao Technology. "The success of the project requires three key elements: sound capital, talent, and time management. Believe it can become an indicator of Taiwan's solar power industry and attract more investment.

Yongxin energy led by chairman Tang Menghan, is rich in solar power plant development experience, but also a major partner of clouded leopard energy. In 2016, Yongxin Energy and Yunbao Energy have jointly completed the largest ground-based solar power station in Yunlin County, Taiwan, with an installed capacity of 1.6MW, and further completed the construction of solar energy on the rooftop of the plant.

Tang Menghan said that if the Taiwan government wants to reach 20GW 20GW solar energy development goals, in addition to laws and regulations, supporting the need to put in place, but also to promote public understanding and acceptance of new energy to improve the private sector acceptance of solar energy, and then accept the land and roof equipment Solar energy.

Yongxin Energy in November 2016 announced the alliance with the financial industry Macquarie, the establishment of "Yong Xin renewable energy development company" integration platform, the goal of the next three years in Taiwan investment of NT 8 billion yuan, the development of 650MW of solar power plant.
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