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25% Guarantee Tax Imposes On China Solar Panel

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-08-04 13:37:14
According to the notice, for the first year of the import from July 30, the 25% guarantee tax (subordinated price minus the anti-dumping duty) is imposed, and 20% and 15% of the guarantee tax are imposed on the subsequent two six-month periods.

Energy consultant Bridge To India said that cheap imports from China can meet nearly 85% of India's solar power generator solar panel demand and help power producers report record low tax rates in auctions.
25% Guarantee Tax Imposes On China Solar Panel
Among the 3 GW projects recently auctioned by Solar Energy Corporation, they have remained near their lowest point in history. After the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association submitted its application in November, the General Administration of Trade Relief recommended a safeguard tax, saying that the domestic industry suffered heavy losses due to the surge in solar battery imports.

It is reported that solar panels account for more than half of the cost of solar power projects. The safeguard tax may affect 11-12 megawatts of projects under construction. Girish Kadam, ICRA's vice president and head of corporate rating department, once said that the price of modules imported from China has already been From the previous 35-36 cents to 28-29 cents in mid-July.

Crisil, India's credit rating information service, said in a previous report that if a safeguards tax is imposed, the cost of solar power generator solar projects based on imported modules may increase by nearly 15-20% (at current prices). In order to maintain returns, developers may have to raise interest rates by Rs 0.3-0.35 per unit.
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