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20MW PV Power EPC Project Put into Operation in Wuzhou Industrial Park

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-28 16:54:30

March 30, Wuzhou Industrial Park held 20 megawatts of distributed photovoltaic solar power generation project groundbreaking ceremony of the project, the annual power generation capacity of 1890 kwh, will build a new energy model city of Wuzhou lay a solid foundation.


It is understood that 20 megawatts of distributed photovoltaic power generation project Wuzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee for the introduction of new energy investment projects with a total investment of about 142 million yuan, the construction period of about five months, the use of plant Wuzhou roof within the industrial park, building capacity of 20 megawatts of distributed solar power projects.

China Southern Power Grid project investor Guangxi Integrated Energy Deputy General Manager Zhang Hengyi told reporters, as the nation's first National Energy Board released a batch to create one of the country's new energy model city, Wuzhou city abundant light and heat resources, the city's total number of hours of sunshine up to 1790 hours, the total amount of radiation 1203 kwh per square meter, is very suitable for the construction of solar photovoltaic power stations. Wuzhou Industrial Park 20 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation projects utilizing Chunyan through the transformation of enterprises in the park and other textile factory roof construction distributed photovoltaic power stations, power stations generating capacity full Internet access through 10 kilowatts grid voltage level, the annual saving 6804 tons of standard coal, about 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Wuzhou Qinru Sheng Industrial Park Administrative Committee director, said the park in "Thirteen Five" period will create a national high-tech zones as the goal, focus on developing high-tech industries as electronic information, biological medicine, urged the scientific and technological innovation become the driving engine of economic development in the park strong power source. Launched 20 megawatts of distributed solar power generation projects, enterprises in the park will effectively ease the power shortage problem, as well as to promote the restructuring and development of the park, to create a national high-tech zones, to build a green eco-industrial parks have a positive effect.

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