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2020 lithium-ion battery energy storage scale will reach 3130MW

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 11:30:36

The latest market research report shows that 2016-2020 years, the global smart grid battery solar power generator market in the compound growth rate of close to 73%. Among them, lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries and sodium sulfur batteries are the most important three battery energy storage market.

Lithium ion batteries dominate

 lithium battery

The report believes that by 2020, lithium ion battery energy storage size will reach 3130 MW, during the compound annual growth rate of nearly 72%. Light weight, compact space, large storage capacity is the main reason for the wide application of Li ion batteries. In addition, compared with the lead acid battery and sodium sulfur battery, lithium ion battery can be used without water electrolyte. 


However, the report believes that the high cost of lithium ion battery is the biggest challenge facing the development of the industry. Currently, many companies have focused on improving the lithium-ion battery price. In fact, since 2010, the average cost of lithium ion batteries has declined by 23%, the average annual decline in the cost of solar backup generator system reached 14%. This also makes the installation cost decreased by 17%. World battery technology leader Tesla plans to achieve the cost of lithium ion batteries in 2020 to $100 per kilowatt hour, thereby further promoting the development of lithium-ion batteries. 


Lead acid battery defects are obvious


The report pointed out that by 2020, lead-acid battery energy storage size will reach 990 MW, during the compound annual growth rate of more than 67%, is second only to lithium ion battery usage of energy storage battery. In fact, the history of lead-acid batteries to be traced back to 1960s, longer than the history of lithium-ion battery. Bidirectional sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and liquid rich lead acid battery are the most common two kinds of lead acid batteries.


At present, the battery innovation will help improve the efficiency of lead-acid battery charging, gradually overcome the slow speed, short life cycle and maintenance needs higher problem, and abundant raw materials of lead-acid battery also makes its demand gradually increased.


However, the service life of lead-acid batteries is generally in 3-4 years, as well as the maintenance of high demand for lead-acid batteries are still the main constraints of this market growth.


The fastest growth rate of sodium sulfur battery


By 2020, the sodium sulfur battery energy storage scale will reach 1450 MW, the annual compound growth rate of more than three, is the fastest growing of the 84% types of storage battery type. Sodium sulfur battery originated in 1966, produced by the Ford Motor Co.


Sodium sulfur battery, the battery can be used in solar powered portable generator, which is a kind of metal sodium as the negative electrode, sulfur as the positive electrode, the ceramic tube as the electrolyte membrane of the two battery. At a certain operating temperature, the reversible reaction between the sodium ion and the electrolyte membrane is formed by the reversible reaction between the membrane and the electrolyte.


The report pointed out that the cost of sodium sulfur battery continued to decline in favor of further growth in market demand.


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