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2017 Solar Cell Market Will Be 25GW

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-23 08:46:54
2017 solar cell market will be larger. According to TrendForce New Energy Research (EnergyTrend) latest PERC technology special report predicts that in 2017 the global solar power batteries cell production capacity will continue to increase, since 2016, a substantial expansion of the PERC production capacity will be adjusted in the first half of 2017 one after another, the annual PERC battery Production capacity will reach 25GW, the total output will be doubled.
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It is understood that, by the high-performance components and distributed market demand increases, as well as the Chinese government to promote the "leader program" threshold limit and other factors, high-performance products is still the first choice for consumers, but also makes PERC single crystal and traditional single crystal The battery has always maintained a certain price gap. In addition, this year the mainstream standard components from the current specifications 290W to 295W / 300W, in order to achieve such a wattage conditions, the use of PERC technology will be the most economical and most viable option. Analysts said the portable solar power generator solar market in 2017 is likely to reproduce last year's market conditions, demand in the first half of overheating, the second half of the cold, the formation of an imbalance in the cycle. In addition, as the battery production capacity continues to increase, in the long run, the battery price will inevitably continue to fall. In this trend, with an efficiency advantage of the PERC single-crystal battery is relatively hedge against inflation. Some manufacturers PERC efficient battery, but also by competitors to accelerate the development of the impact of over-pressure forcing enterprises to continuously improve their technological content of products, innovation.

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