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2016-2025 Global Home Distributed Energy Gain of Up To $423 Billion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 17:29:31

According to the clean energy technology research firm Research Navigant released before the house with a distributed energy resources report said that the next ten years, the global house with distributed solar power generator market revenue will reach $423 billion.

Global Home Distributed Energy Gain

The report said that the electric vehicle charging technology, distributed solar energy, distributed energy storage and demand response technology is the main driving factor to promote the significant growth of the distributed energy market.

Expected in 2016, the report, global house distributed solar generator market annual revenues of approximately $19 billion 700 million, in 2025 will increase to $92 billion 700 million, the average annual growth rate of 18.8%, this projection, 2016-2025, global home distributed energy market cumulative revenue will reach $423 billion.

NavigantResearch researcher PaigeLeuschner said, residents of its own energy, energy management and other environmental needs to improve growth, which is the basis for the development of the house with a distributed energy market. Among them, the demand response and distributed solar photovoltaic technology is expected to dominate the whole house with a distributed energy market."

The report also pointed out that with the rapid development of the distributed energy market house of public power companies will have a positive role in promoting, stimulating public power enterprises from the traditional business model to the power grid business diversification and flexibility. The process of this transformation will also promote the development of distributed energy.

The report concluded that, no surprise, the next ten years, distributed solar backup generator will usher in a wave of rapid growth

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