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2015 European Solar Thermal Market Fell 6%

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 13:52:54

In November 3, 2016, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) released its 2015 annual European solar thermal market summary report.

solar power generator system

According to the ESTIF report, the European solar power generator market is currently facing new installed capacity contraction, compared with 2014, sales fell 6%.


The report highlights the relevance of renewable energy heating and cooling (RES-HC) industry, the greater contribution of RES-HC can promote the EU Member States to its 2020 energy goals even further.


The report also shows that the implementation of solar thermal energy national renewable energy action plan (NREAP) is lower than the target, which confirmed the results of the recent assessment of the European commission.


Even like Italy, Spain and France and other countries are also the same, if you take the right measures, the deployment of solar energy is also very large potential.


Dias Pedro added: "the goal is four years away from 2020, the heating and cooling of renewable energy resources (RES-HC) still has a huge untapped potential, can be quickly deployed. Solar thermal applications, such as solar water heaters or solar backup generator for industrial processes, have shown their competitiveness."

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