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200MW Victoria Solar Project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-02-03 14:05:31
Overall, the wealthy new player in Australia's renewable energy industry is partly owned by the world's oil giant, saying it has received acceptance of the huge battery storage installation in its newly announced Victoria's 200MW solar project in the northwestern part.

Michael Vawser, chief executive of Australia's operations, said the Mildura conference has approved the addition of a 100MW / 380mwh battery storage device to the development of the solar farm Kiamal, built in the town of Ouyen near Victoria.
200MW Victoria Solar Project
The 200MW devoted to pass the first phase of the total solar power generator solar project in Kiamal, it could be right.

Vawser said that after the battery can be added, although it is not clear how much, if any, that allows capacity to be installed or deployed.

Vawser, an Australian renewable energy veteran behind many existing projects, winds up prospects because of the merger, called Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis, saying Total Eren could be an important player in Australia.

The company is owned by Paris Mouratoglou, who once founded the new EDF Energy Army, which currently owns the French state-owned utility giant, David Corchia.

In total, the world's fourth-largest oil and gas company, by the end of last year, invested 23 million shares of € 273 million ($ 36.4 million). The total, which also owns a majority stake in the US solar company SunPower, has an option to take control of the company within five years.
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