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18650 lithium battery why there is an explosion of history

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 17:26:17

The 18650 most used battery steel shell package, the quality of the battery due to the lack of protection in overcharge (overcharge) under the condition of the internal pressure surge, when exceed a given value, it will explode. And the short circuit, the temperature is too high or the battery is extruded deformation and even puncture and other issues are likely to cause the battery explosion. So it should with BMS to monitor the battery if it be used in solar power generator.


After 30 years of development, 18650 battery technology has been very mature, in addition to the performance of a great increase, the security is also very perfect. In order to avoid the sealed metal case exploded, now 18650 batteries will be equipped with a safety valve at the top, the safety valve is every 18650 battery standard, an explosion-proof barrier is the most important.


When the battery internal pressure is too large, the top of the safety valve will open the exhaust pressure to avoid explosion. However, when the safety valve is turned on, the internal leakage of chemical substances in the high temperature conditions will react with the oxygen in the air, there is still likely to be the case of fire. In addition, it is now part of the 18650 battery also comes with a protective plate, with over charge over discharge and short circuit protection and other functions, the safety performance is very high.


Mobile power after the bombing, all is because unscrupulous manufacturers to cut the cost of the use of inferior unqualified 18650 batteries, even second-hand waste caused by the power. At present the major battery manufacturers such as SONY, Matsushita, Samsung and so on the production of battery 18650 is actually a very safe, but 18650 battery usage is very high, we can do it correctly, avoid the short circuit of the battery in daily use, damaged or the temperature is too high, don't worry about the battery will explode. We are not a pole knocked people on the boat, with individual safety to inferior products qualitative 18650.


Conclusion: in fact for the lithium battery, there will be the cause of the explosion is understandable, after all the time before, for the stability of the grasp of not so serious, but the 18650 lithium battery as a performance comparison is very high, its application will be more and more widely, after the current for this indispensable batteries 18650, it can be used in solar backup generator the lithium battery is one of the best choices.

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