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18650 Lithium ion battery relevant introduction

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 11:21:08

About energy density


When it comes to energy density, it is necessary to distinguish between the energy density of the single cell and the energy density of the battery pack.


In terms of the energy density of the single cell, the 18650 cell is higher than that of the laminated lithium ion battery. I used to check here Nissan LEAF 33 Ah lithium ion battery energy density is 157 Wh/kg, the GM Volt laminate type battery energy density of about 150 Wh/kg; and Roadster with 18650 battery energy density is about 211 Wh/kg, it can be used in solar power generator.

 18650 lithiom ion

However, the 18650 battery management system is more complex, which increases the weight of the battery pack will make the energy density is much lower than the monomer energy density. The weight of the Roadster battery pack is 450 kg, the energy density is 118 Wh/kg, while the weight of the LEAF battery pack is 225 kg, the energy density is 107 Wh/kg. In the battery level, the energy density has be roughly the same.


About security


There are many advantages of the laminated lithium ion battery, but it also has some disadvantages. Because the stack type lithium ion battery is generally used for plastic film packaging, the battery can be used in solar backup generator, plastic film and the thickness of thin, poor mechanical strength, in the car collision under extreme conditions, the plastic film is prone to damage can lead to safety accidents caused. This also explains why Nissan has to add an aluminum shell to the outside of the battery module of 4 modules.


18650 battery is generally steel shell, better security, but also in front of the 18650 battery production process with the continuous improvement of the level of security is also constantly improving.


Tesla in response to these 18650 batteries may appear in the safety accident, but also put a lot of effort. If a single battery is too high temperature and other abnormal conditions, according to the severity of the abnormal situation, the battery or its modules will be power to prevent the spread of the accident. Due to the small volume, as long as it does not spread, the severity of the accident will be relatively low.


About cost


18650 Li ion battery has a large capacity, long life, high safety performance characteristics, but also because of small size, light weight, easy to use, favored by consumers. With the continuous deepening of the 18650 battery technology research, the consistency and security of the battery have reached a very high level. As the first lithium ion battery, 18650 battery is the world's most mature, the most stable battery combination, still occupy the leading position. China's annual production of about 18650 batteries of about a billion, this data is far beyond the battery of other materials.

 lithium ion battery

And Tesla using 18650 battery, now the solar powered portable generator is also can use these batteries, you can use the Japanese manufacturers and other manufacturers before the production line for production. In the consumer electronic products with the increasingly fierce competition in the 18650 battery, Tesla and other manufacturers to cooperate with the upgrading of products, the original production line to improve the production of power batteries. Industrial production has a scale effect, the cost will be greatly reduced when the scale of the product reaches an order of magnitude. A new energy vehicle will need thousands of 18650 batteries, so the purchase cost of the monomer can be controlled.


It can be said that the use of 18650, 20700 and other cylindrical batteries as the power source of new energy electric vehicles, at the present stage can be said to be the best choice. But as the battery technology matures, there will be more new applications in the future of new energy electric vehicles in the future.

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