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18650 LiFePO4 Battery Repair Methods

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 18:14:51

Battery repair for mobile phoneLiFePO4 repair principle one: the surface of metal lithium prolonged use will have a certain degree of oxidation, resulting in poor contact with the mobile phone, shorter use time, while with the eraser or other cleaning tools can erase the material surface rust, so that the battery contacts with the phone will be better. 

Lithium repair principle two: Low temperature can make the internal lithium battery electrolyte changes, promote the chemical reaction of the freeze battery. The use of LiFePO4 battery pack is actually a process of charging and discharging. During this period, a negative charge and positive charge within the cell cross hit each other. The reason why more and more poor use of battery, because the kinetic energy of electrons inside is relatively large at normal room temperature, so the battery is active, leakage situation is relatively frequent. And if the lithium battery in a low temperature environment, the microstructure of the lithium film on surface with the electrolyte surface will change significantly, causing the battery internal temporarily active leakage, current is reduced. After charging it again, until the phone power-up time will increase.

Lithium battery cycle life is about 600 times. If charge several times, its internal thermal motion of molecules arrangement of microstructures will be gradually destroyed, the stored charge efficiency will gradually decrease. The "freezing process is easy to destroy the original internal structure of the battery, may be able to increase the charge contained in the charge ability in short time, but may not be effective in long-term use " Once inside the microstructure of lithium batteries is destroyed, then it is impossible to fully recover. If use this method in long-term will accelerate the loss of mobile phone batteries.

Lithium battery repair principle three: the depth of discharge for the phone is exhausted by internal energy to achieve a deeper level of recharge, which requires the use of some unconventional methods. Think of ways to connect your phone with a 1.5V light bulb, the internal portable solar power generator is transferred to a small light bulb, until all shine. "Mobile phone through a low voltage slowly depleted of power. Under normal circumstances, if the phone is turned on below the rated voltage of 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down." After fully discharged, recharging mobile phone batteries can be used for a long time.

Lithium battery repair methods:

1, Take off your batteries after used up, through temperature treatment, the battery at a instability temperature will greatly shorten the use time. Because the battery is not charged, and a quite of the lithium-ion has been using electricity with memory, such an approach can release a part of the electrical memory, when winter, put outside for a while, and then take it into the house.

2, There is a way to remove the battery, lay aside about a week, the electricity consumed slowly, we use the machine after complete consumption of electricity according to solar powered portable generator. Then with whole punch, estimate charging time must be very short now, and after charged over, and then charged off, 

repeated several times, absolutely effective.

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