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1400 MWh Solar Energy Storage Project In South Africa

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-26 12:46:04
South Africa's state-owned utility company Eskom announced a distributed battery energy storage program at an event dedicated to the development of a total of 1400 MWh of solar energy storage projects. Last week, Eskom and the African Development Bank Group jointly released the results of the program's environmental and social management framework. The African Development Bank will work with the World Bank to fund the program.

The coverage of the program covers a wide range of energy storage projects developed in all nine provinces in South Africa. These energy storage projects will be divided into two phases: development and construction.

Phase 1: Eskom will develop an 800 MWh battery energy storage project at various locations along the company's distribution site in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. These projects are scheduled to be completed in December 2019.

The second stage: development of 60MW distributed solar power generator solar photovoltaic power generation and 640MWh battery energy storage project. All nine South African provinces have projects to be developed, which are scheduled to be completed in December 2021.

At the same time, the Environmental and Social Management Framework study lists the details of the plan and discusses the social, economic and environmental risks associated with it, makes recommendations and takes appropriate measures to mitigate these risks. As part of the Environmental and Social Management Framework study, Eskom and the South African Environmental Department will be responsible for implementing risk mitigation measures.

However, although Eskom said that the second phase of the process is expected to follow a similar route, the environmental and social management framework study published last week only covers the first phase of the plan, Eskom said that the company's capital and supervisory committee is expected to be in 2019. The second phase of the environmental and social management framework research report was implemented and released before August.
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