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12 MW Solar Power Plant In Ghana

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 10:48:33
GhanaRecently, the Ministry of Finance of Ghana signed a three-year loan agreement with Germany, with a total loan of EUR 40.82 million, which will cost 22.82 million euros to build a 12 MW solar power plant.

Of which a € 13 million loan agreement would improve the performance of the Ghana Audit Office to ensure that all financial resources are devoted to program and development activities. The remaining € 5 million loan will be used to build an information technology training facility.

Ghana's finance minister said the solar power plant project in line with the 2011 introduction of renewable energy bill. The bill stipulates that by 2020, renewable energy will account for 10% of the total generating capacity.

She adds that about 3% of Ghana's electricity generation comes from renewable sources such as solar powered portable generator power. At present, the Government of Ghana has about four priority areas of investment, including economic development, good governance, agriculture and renewable energy.
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