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10GW LifePo4 Batteries Production Plant In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-24 12:30:26
LFP Battery CellsShaanxi Wo Tema new energy automotive battery in a high-tech zone project officially put into operation. Vice Governor Zhuang Changxing, deputy secretary general of the provincial government Wang Chi, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Industry, Department of Finance, Science and Technology Department, the Department of Commerce related to leadership; Party Secretary Lu original rule, mayor Li Mingyuan, City Committee Chairman Liu Xinxing, Municipal People's Congress party secretary, deputy Ren Guoyong grid; OPTIMUM Group president Li Jinlin, OPTIMUM innovation Alliance secretary-wang huaqiang attended the commissioning ceremony.

Shaanxi Wo Tema new energy automobile power battery project in May last year was officially settled in high-tech zones, with a total investment of 5.0 billion, according to the "one plan, implement batch" form, completed in three phases planned 10GW lifePo4 batteries production line. Completion of the project put into production, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 20 billion yuan, profits of 4 billion yuan. The project has completed a total construction area of 130,000 square meters, is put into production is expected to achieve annual output value of 7.5 billion yuan.

Li Mingyuan in his speech on behalf of the municipal government thanked OPTIMUM Group and at all levels of concern and support of new energy battery OPTIMUM project automobile industry. He noted that in recent years, according to accelerate the development of the city to catch up targeting beyond unswervingly transfer mode, adjust structure, accelerate new industrialization, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. Wo Tema battery project is put into one of the fastest growing industries from the city to discuss the project, to construction, it put into operation, marking the city in the new energy automotive industry has taken a solid step forward. High-tech Zone hopes to further optimize the investment environment and create conditions for businesses in the region to accelerate development and create an atmosphere; OPTIMUM company also planned to start as soon as two, three projects to attract more business alliance to invest Wei. Next, the city will build around the new energy automotive industry chain, together with OPTIMUM Industry Alliance, actively seek more enterprises have settled down, accelerate the promotion of new energy automobile production project introduction, continue to promote the use of models to explore new energy vehicles , as soon as possible and strive to fight the west of Weinan class, influential national new energy automobile manufacturing and application demonstration bases.
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