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100 MW Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Completes

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 13:50:57
solar photovoltaic powerShuozhou Coal and Electricity Company Youyu 100 MW grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation Phase II 50 MW project After six months of intense construction, on August 29 all completed and grid power generation, which marked the company's industrial transformation achieved New breakthroughs: from the traditional coal enterprises into the solar green new energy industry. Recently, the project runs smoothly.

Shuozhou Coal and Electricity Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongmei Group. It was established in 2014 and has seven coal mines, thirteen companies and a center. Since its establishment, Shuozhou Coal and Electricity Company has been mainly engaged in coal production, washing and processing, Power development has always been the company's "short board." solar powered portable generator and the completion of all the power generation, the company bid farewell to the establishment of more than 10 years since the "only coal, no electricity," the history.

The project is listed as a key project and a poverty alleviation project in Shanxi Province. It is located in the mountainous and hilly area of Youyu County, Shuozhou City. The project covers an area of about 3300 mu with a planning scale of 100 MW and a total investment of 1.2 billion Yuan. In 2013 made "road", in July 2014 made the provincial Development and Reform Commission for approval and formal construction. Since the first phase of 50 MW was successfully completed on 1 June 2015, the system has been operating well, with a total generating capacity of 72.65 GW / h, with a maximum monthly production capacity of 6 GW / h.
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