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10 Times Capacity and Ultra-fast Charging Battery Material

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 15:42:30
Has created a suitable for the battery and super capacitor excellent new materials, help to enhance the electric vehicle mileage and charging speed. This material is referred to as a covalent organic framework (COF), an organic crystal structure suitable for storing energy and having many pores.This is good news for solar powered portable generator use excellent new materials for power storage.

Complementary to the conductive polymer, the result is a modified redox COF. Dichtel believes it is good for both batteries and supercapacitors, both of which are important for electric vehicles. Researchers claim that their materials are stable enough to withstand 10,000 charge and discharge cycles. Its energy storage is non-modified COF energy source 10 times, while charging speed increased by 10-15 times - can be said that the best of both worlds.

In practical applications, the battery can be stored in a slow discharge of a large amount of energy; and super-capacitor although the charge is very fast, but can absorb the energy is very small. Lithium-ion battery is a lithium battery in 2013, this technology is still in the research phase. And mobile phones and notebook computers use lithium-ion battery is not the same, they belong to the same large family of lithium batteries, but the performance and charge and discharge principle there are many differences. Lithium sulfur battery is based on sulfur as a battery cathode, lithium metal as a negative lithium battery.
At present, the battery is restricting the development of new energy vehicles, the key to this technology bottleneck is being gradually overcome. Reporters inquiry network public reports show that the quality of the battery because of the low energy density, making the electric vehicle battery is large and heavy. As a result, the number of batteries installed per EV is limited. Tesla, for example, a battery pack tiled on the car floor, about 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide. In a top-of-the-line configuration, the battery packs are capable of delivering only 300 miles (482 km) of mileage, and then need to be plugged in to charge.

Specific energy is the unit weight or unit volume of the battery can release energy, is an important performance indicators of the battery. This super-lithium battery is the world's highest energy than the lifepo4 battery and lifpo4 battery pack.

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