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45-2 LOLP Method of The Basic Formula

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-21 09:54:23


B=(ELS)/ ηout


A                 Battery panel area, m2
B                 Battery capacity, KWh
EL                Load power, KWh/d
POA0           The design of the object on the average level of surface radiation on the design value,KWh/(m2d)
ηin               From the amount of radiation to the battery efficiency;
ηout             From the battery to the load efficiency;
s                 Days of storage

However, POA0 it is related to the latitude of the site and the inclination of the gantry; it can be read on a chart related to the monthly average level of solar radiation. The number of days of storage can also be read as a function of LOLP.

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