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46 LOLP Calculation Process

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-21 09:38:09
Figure 3-3 shows the LOLP calculation process

Step 1



location of the characteristic parameters


characteristic parameters of the system



average daily load power

average horizontal surface


LOLP design values




Step 2



calculation of the design of four groups of solar radiation

read design solar radiation from the chart POA0

parameters: latitude, the tilt angle of the panel, the average level of solar radiation

decision POA0  is the maximum inclination angle

Step 3


calculate the battery capacity of 4 groups

from the chart read the battery storage days s

parameters: LOLP




Step 4



determine the solar panel area and battery capacity

calculated from the amount of solar radiation to the battery efficiency ηin

calculate the efficiency of the load from the battery ηout

calculate the solar panel area and battery capacity of four groups

determine the most economical solar panel area and battery capacity

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