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45-3 Determination of LOLP Parameters

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Latitude is the degree of solar panel placement.

Monthly average surface level of radiation for the northern hemisphere in December, the value of the southern hemisphere in June.

The load electric power is the monthly load electric quantity corresponding to the monthly average daily surface radiation quantity (less than 10% of the monthly change)

LOLP The reliability can be estimated based on the approximate value by the simulation calculation.

ηin (Solar panel, maximum power tracking device, charge control, battery charging), the amount of energy from the day to the battery efficiency (solar panels,

However, in order to calculate the solar panel efficiency, it is necessary to know the solar cell module efficiency, the temperature correction coefficient, the module temperature, and the module reference temperature.

ηout For the efficiency from the battery to the load (battery discharge, DC control, inverter)

EL For the average daytime load power

ηin=Charging amount of battery during daytime / [Average solar radiation (POA) X solar panel area (A)] of solar panel during daytime]

ηout =EL/The amount of electricity that is taken from the battery every month


B=(ELs)/ ηout

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